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Missed classroom session: If the student misses a day of class, he/she has
to make-up that day in the next 3-week session (or the following 3-week

Instruction Permit: After the teenager gets the Instruction Permit, he/she has
to start the Behind the Wheel part within 60 days.

Missed BTW lesson: Lada Driver School, LLC has a no-show fee policy for
each missed BTW lesson that has not been cancelled with at least 24-hour
Teen Driving
PARENTS: Please read carefully

What does Teen Driver Ed Course include?
Teen Driver Ed Program includes 30 hours of classroom (2 hours everyday,
Monday through Friday, for 3 weeks), 6 hours of driving (Behind the Wheel) and
6 hours of Observation in car.

How old should the teenager be in order to be enrolled?
Technically it is possible to enroll at 14 1/2, however, since the classroom part
will expire after 13 months of enrollment, and the minimum age to get
Instruction Permit is 15 1/2, it is best to be enrolled at least around 15 years old.

When does the student start the driving part of this course?
In order to start the Behind the Wheel part of this course, the student has to
Instruction Permit. The minimum age to get the Instruction Permit is 15
1/2. The first lesson should be scheduled within 60 days of getting the Permit .
Call us to schedule BTW lessons. The Behind the Wheel part of this course (6
BTW + 6 Observation) cannot be completed in less than 19 days.

How does the student get the Instruction Permit?
We do the permit test at our school, and the student goes to the DMV Service
Center with a parent or legal guardian to pick up the Instruction Permit. After
getting the permit, the student can start scheduling the driving lessons.

If the student misses a day of class can she start the Behind
the Wheel part?
Yes. As soon as she gets the Permit she can start the BTW lessons. Missing
classroom days need to be made up in order to get Completion Certificate, but
it doesn't prevent the student from starting the Behind the Wheel part.

How does the student make up a missed class?
In a typical 3 week program, we have 15 lessons. (2 hours each day) The
student must attend the same lesson that she missed in any future 3-week

What do I need to know about the Road Test?
The teenager is eligible for the Road Test 6 months after the Permit issue date.
(You can find the issue date printed on the Permit card) When they turn 16
years old, it doesn't automatically qualify them for the Road Test. They need to
hold their Instruction Permit for at least 6 months.

DMV will ask for the proof of completion of Teen Driver Ed course. The paper
copy of
Completion Certificate (MV3192) is no longer used. Instead, electronic
completions will be entered online by the driving school in the Department of
Transportation system when the student completes 30 hours of classroom, 6
hours of BTW and 6 hours of Observation. It is not possible to enter completion
information without the permit  number. Therefore, if you haven’t done so,
please email or call us with your permit number. We need at least a few days
advance notice from you in order to check and prepare the completions as
accurately as possible. Please do not ask for your completion on the same day
as your Road Test.

Classroom part of the Teen Driver Ed course will
expire after 13 months of
enrollment. (TRANS 105.70(3) Wisconsin Administrative Code) After 13 months
the student cannot receive the Completion Certificate (MV3192) unless she
completes 10-hours of Classroom Refresher Course.
414-906 0652