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Temps (Instruction Permit)
Anyone learning to drive a vehicle must first obtain Instruction Permit from
the DMV. Teenagers with Instruction Permit can only drive with an adult

Teenagers who want to get Instruction Permit:

must be
at least 15 1/2 years old
must be
enrolled in Driver Ed course
must pass the Knowledge Test and the Vision Test
must be accompanied by parent/sponsor in the DMV Service Center;
provide proof of name, identity, date of birth, Wisconsin Residency and
Social Security Card (no photocopies) Please check with DMV for
acceptable documents.

Students take the Knowledge Test in our school, and then go to the DMV
to pick up their permit. In order for us to sign the
Permit Application
(3001 Form)
, the student has to be at least 15 1/2 years old , passed the
Knowledge Test, and paid off all the remaining balance for our course.

After receiving the Instruction Permit, the student has to start the
Behind-the-Wheel lessons within 2 months. Otherwise the school will
cancel the permit.

Classroom Part of the Teen Driver Ed course will
expire after 13 months of
. (TRANS 105.70(3) Wisconsin Administrative Code) After 13
months the student cannot receive the Completion Certificate (MV3192)
unless she completes a
10-hour Refresher Course.

Probationary License
The first Driver License issued to a beginner driver, regardless of age, is
called Probationary Driver License. Persons who hold a Probationary Driver
License get double points for second and subsequent convictions.

Teenagers with Probationary Driver License can drive alone, but will have
GDL restrictions in effect for the first 9 months or under 18.

Teenagers who want to get Probationary License:

must be
at least 16 years old;
must hold the Instruction Permit for a minimum of six months before
applying for a Probationary License;
must complete Driver Ed course (Minimum of 30 hours of classroom time,
6 hours of behind the wheel driving training, and 6 hours of observation)
and pass the Road Test
must have accumulated at least 30 hours of supervised driving experience

Regular License
To get Regular Driver License, a person:
must be at least 19 years old
must hold Probationary Driver License for 2 to 3 years.

WI GDL Requirements and Restrictions pdf. file