Adult Driving Lessons
414-906 0652
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Main Office:
3817 N. Oakland Ave.
Shorewood, WI 53211

Phone: 414-906 0652
Fax: 414-906 1947
Behind the Wheel
1 hour
1-hour Driving
Lesson in car.
Behind the Wheel
1 hour-
1-hour Driving
Lesson in
Behind the Wheel
3-hour Package
3 Driving Lessons in
Behind the Wheel
3-hour Package-
Manual Transmission
3 Driving Lessons in
stick-shift car.
Behind the Wheel
5-hour Package
5 Driving Lessons in
Road Test at DMV *
1 hour practice
pre-test, 1 hour State
Road Test.
Tutoring for Wisconsin
State Knowledge test
2 hour in class
  • Class D Instruction Permit or International Driver License is required.
  • Each behind the wheel lesson lasts for 1 hour.
  • We pick up and drop off (Work/ Home/ School), except for the manual
    transmission driving lessons, for which we meet our students in one of
    our locations.
  • Make sure to receive your signed receipt for each payment and driving
  • If you need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, please inform us
    24 hours in advance. Otherwise a no-show fee for 1 lesson will be
  • Using our car for Road Test could be counted as 2 hours from any
    package (we pick up 1 hour before the test for practice pre-test).
Using our cars for the Road Test is subject to our approval. If the
student does not have enough skills to be safe on the Road Test, we will
not let her use our car for the Road Test.

It is the student's responsibility to bring the required documentation
(Social Security Card, ID, Passport...etc) for the Road Test. Please check
the DMV web site for the necessary documents prior to your test.

The instructors do not wait at the DMV for the students to pick up their
license since the waiting time cannot be predicted. After the test we bring
the student back home.
All prices are subject to change without prior notice.